(Both in the world and in my life and also in no particular order)

  • First off, Mr. Obama made a real nice comeback at the end of 2010.  He had some huge moves with consensus building tax breaks, a new healthcare bill, and Sotomayor was put on the big bench.  I like the name Sotomayor because it’s fun to say, but I know some dude in Kansas right now is probably saying what’s so fun about “psuedo-mayor.”  Try it for real.  MyyyyOrrrr.  See, fun.  And finally they eliminated the antiquated notion of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.   (Apparently the new placeholder policy name for gays in the military is “Peek-a-boo Camouflage”)  Not really sure if that’s funny, but it might be very funny.
  • Back in my world I fully took over the Karno Kids Foundation charity and I think it has a ton of potential: We have to keep these kids motivated to seek active lives or as they say in Hawaii, “We have to inspire the keiki!”
  1. www.karnokids.org or
  2. www.crowdrise.com/karnokidscharity to support with warm soft cash

  • THE SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS WON THE MOTHER FUCKING WORLD SERIES:  Been waiting most of my life for this and I think I gave the organization about $2000 in exchange for an unmentionable number of $7 beers.  Worth every penny.  (Is it weird that I run a charity for kids and then swore in the next bulleted vignette?   Let us all interpret that blank double-space between the aforementioned vignettes as the space between “work J.T.” and “Giants game JT”)

  • I also had the pleasure of making a beautiful and exciting woman my girlfriend.  Which, in turn, led to the pleasure of learning new lessons in heartbreak.  Still working out the deets on this one, but it certainly makes life interesting.  Uh, oh all the dirty laundry is out there.  I feel like Kanye.
Mega Babe Upset about Ms. Pac Man Game that was apparently “cheating” again.
  • I had the opportunity to do some serious domestic and international traveling and made some great new friends: To my homies in Kauai, my new/old friends in New York, Dude Barn boys in Portland, family friends in Atlanta and Tennessee, Socal love, Big Wave Surfers in Mexico, Shasta Lake funsicles, Tokyo cousins, and my teammates in Charlotte…thank you for putting up with my enthusiasm.
  • There were numerous tragedies that rocked our world in 2010, but three in particular stuck in my mind.  Now, I’m not saying these tragedies were “cool things in 2010,” but each did reveal a certain silver lining.  The first two disasters include Haiti ‘s earthquake and the Gulf spill.  While both are completely and perpetually disastrous, I contend that our immediate reactions show that charity is still alive.   Humans are once again proving to be inherently good and I welcome the reminder.   The last disaster is a combination of the iPhone 4 and AT&T’s service.  The silver lining here is that in six years I’ll get a .25-cent rebate from some phantom class action.  The other silver lining was witnessing the agent I share office space with throw his iPhone out of his car window on the highway.  He’d just dropped his 4th call in a row and this led to his amazing statement of disgust.
  • Hang on now, we’re almost there.  I just have to give some love to some of my freakishly talented friends that had really big years in 2010.  First off, Nam Nguyen (my web designer, idea cushion, and #1 Asian friend) was named employee of the year at the hugely successful ad agency Goodby, Silverstein and something.  No one deserves it more than Nam.  Next, my former training partner, Sergio Reyes, won the 2010 U.S. Marathon Championships with a huge personal best 0f 2:14.   Well, maybe Sergio deserves it more, but it’s apples and oranges.  And finally huge congratulations go to my father who recently stepped down from coaching cross-country and track & field at Santa Clara University.  My father had coached at some level for over 40 years and in more than ten different sports.  From my 7th grade St. Christopher’s basketball team to guiding a Division One All-American in cross-country, Tom Service gave his life to teaching sports the right way.  And in the end everyone loved him.  I can’t ask for a better role model than that.
Sergio Winning the U.S. Champs. Looking all patriotic.
Tom Service Doing His Thing
  • 2010 also saw the rescue of the Chilean miners.  These guys were unflappable, not to mention one of them finished the NYC Marathon on a mangled knee.   We should get Tom Service to coach him and maybe next time he would beat Jared the Subway guy.
Major Effort from the Miner
  • And as always lets bring it back to me.  Admittedly narcissistic and yet deceptively honest.  It’s called branding…take notes.  So 2010 marked the year I started my own sports management business called Soul Focus, LLC.  It was tough to leave Evolve Sports and Mavericks, but it was just my time.   It has taken a few months but we have a website, new digs in SOMA, new clients and some attitude.  Life is good and I owe it to all my friends and family that support me.  Thank you to my roommates at the Daly City Palo Mar Stables, to all my lovers, some insatiable charm and to my Barb & Tom and the rest of the family.  I’m just appreciative for another year of beautiful memories.

If you like you can check out the new Soul Focus digital footprint at the links below. Plus, I’ve included my favorite inter-web music video from 2010 as a treat for getting to the bottom of the blog.  You are welcome.

Website: www.soulfoc.us

Facebook: www.facebook.com/soulfocussports

Twitter: www.twitter.com/soulfocussports

Special Music Video Bonus from the Inter-Web:

I am actually a ninja.